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Specializing in Vehicle Air Conditioning System Diagnostics & Repair

The last thing you want to be dealing with on a hot San Antonio summer day is a car with an air conditioning system that isn’t working at all or that isn’t working as well as it should be. If that’s the case, or even if your AC system just needs an annual recharge, bring your car into Texas Elite Auto & Diesel. We’ll fix you up and get you back out on the road in record time.

We Care For Your AC System

There’s no better auto AC repair shop in San Antonio, TX and we’ve got the years of experience and the reputation to prove it. So if you need cold air once again coming out of your car AC system, give us a ring or stop by our shop today for a full vehicle analysis. Or with our San Antonio mobile service, we can even come to you for all of your repair and service needs. And that includes the A C system on your vehicle.

How much does it cost to fix the AC in your car?

As with most automotive repair questions, in San Antonio, TX as well as other areas of the country, this really depends on what exactly is wrong and how long it will take to fix it. If your San Antonio air conditioning system has only a minor issue or just needs a recharge, that will be on the lower end of the scale. But if it’s a bigger issue, that will obviously be a much different scenario.

The best thing you can do is come in for a free estimate. We’ll give you a good idea in terms of both time and money for doing the repair and/or service work on your car AC system.

automotive ac repair san antonio

What are the most common air conditioning problems?

There are many things that go wrong with the air conditioning system in your car, especially in a city like San Antonio, TX that has a warmer climate than many other areas of the United States.

Some of the most common AC problems in San Antonio, TX include:


Moisture Issues

Common repair issues with your car AC unit begin with problems related to moisture. If moisture or excess debris contaminates the air conditioner, it will fail to cool the inside of the vehicle. This leads to the need for repair and/or service of the system.


Clogged Condenser

The condenser is the part of the AC unit that’s responsible for cooling the vapors that enter into the vehicle. If this becomes clogged by dirt or debris, the air flow will be constricted and the air will not be adequately cooled. Whether this can be cleaned or needs to be repaired or replaced largely depends on the age of the car air conditioning unit.


Bad Smells

If you go long periods of time without having your AC unit cleaned and serviced, bacteria and other organisms can build up in the system and cause some rather bad smells. An AC unit is very dark and damp, which is the perfect environment for bacteria and fungus to grow. It’s a good idea to have a regular inspection and flushing of your system to solve this kind of issue before it becomes any worse.


Mechanical Problems

As with most parts of your car, there are many things with the AC unit that could go wrong and cause the need for service and/or repair. This includes items like a defective compressor clutch, a bad pressure switch, a faulty valve and many others. Because there are so many working parts and so many things that can go wrong, it’s a good idea to have a routine checkup done on your unit. Maybe at the beginning of the summer each year, or even when the weather is beginning to cool to prepare for the following year.
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