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Engine Repair San Antonio

Valve adjustments, crankshaft repair, and more

There are countless things that can go wrong with your car’s engine and we’ve seen and repaired them all at Texas Elite Auto & Diesel. So for the best San Antonio auto repair shop, stop in today so we can pop open the hood, diagnose the problem and get you back out on the road in record time. From simple issues like engine maintenance and repairing minor parts to complete engine overhaul and engine replacement, Texas Elite Auto & Diesel is your one stop shop in San Antonio, TX for all of your car servicing needs.
Contact us today and schedule a free consultation so we can take a look and prepare a written estimate that you can take home and look over. When you’re ready, give us a ring and we’ll bring your vehicle in for service just as quickly as we can and at a time that’s convenient to you. When it comes to engine and auto repair in San Antonio, Texas Elite Auto & Diesel is the best in the city. Stop in to say hi and let us prove it to you.
engine repair san antonio

Issues with car engines

What are some of the common issues I could encounter with my car's engine?

As you already know, a car’s engine is extremely complex and there are many, many things that can and probably will go wrong at some point. Some are related to serious problems, while two or more might have to do with fuel economy and other minor issues. It’s impossible to list and discuss them all here, but we can summarize a few common problems and possible causes.


Engine Won't Start

We’ve all had those days where we go out to leave for work and the vehicle just won’t cooperate. It happens, and will almost certainly happen again, but what are some common causes? In general terms, if the engine is making a clicking noise, it’s probably a battery related issue. But if it’s cranking, but won’t start, it’s likely one of two things – a fuel issue or an ignition issue. These are general statements and there are several parts and possible issues within each category, but that will at least allow you to convey the problem to your San Antonio, TX mechanic or repair technician so he knows how and where to get started.


Engine Keeps Overheating

This is another common car problem that many of us are aware of and have probably experienced at one time or another. This happens most in the summer months when the weather outside is hot and often unforgiving, especially in a warmer climate like San Antonio, TX. The good news is that most cars these days come with a warning light to make you aware that the engine in your vehicle is about to overheat. To help prevent this issue, be sure to keep your car’s engine filled with coolant and bring it into the engine repair shop regularly for servicing.


Service Engine Light Coming On

In today’s more modern cars, a “check engine” light will come on to let you know that there’s an issue with your engine and to get your car into an engine repair shop as soon as possible. After you bring the vehicle into Texas Elite Auto & Diesel, we can connect it to one of our machines and our ASE certified technicians can analyze the codes for you and troubleshoot the cause of your problems. So when you’re in need of services, engine related or otherwise, stop in to see us for the best customer service and engine repair in San Antonio, TX.

How much will it cost to repair the engine on my vehicle?

It’s impossible to answer this question without looking at the vehicle first as engines have hundreds of working parts, any one of which can be responsible for your issues. But we can promise a fair estimate, quality work and some of the best engine repair technicians in San Antonio, TX.

From something as simple as a timing chain problem to much more complex engine repair issues, Texas Elite Auto & Diesel is the best auto repair San Antonio, TX. So contact us today and let the best in the business get to work on your vehicle.

Customers reviews

Why should I choose Texas Elite Auto & Diesel

Our reputation and our commitment to the San Antonio, TX community is unmatched. Our technicians have decades of combined experience in repair work and in diagnosing and fixing engine problems quickly, expertly and at a fair price.

If you're experiencing any type of engine problem, contact us today and schedule an appointment for one of San Antonio's best auto repair technicians to take a look and prepare an estimate for fixing the problem. And don't forget to stop in for your basic servicing needs as well. Even if your car is running smoothly, don't forget your regularly scheduled maintenance checks to keep things running as good as you can for as long as you can.

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