Reasons Why Your Car’s AC May Be Blowing Hot Air

Car AC

There’s nothing more frustrating on a hot summer day than getting in your car, turning on the air conditioner and anticipating a refreshing burst of cold air that never comes.

It’s not an uncommon occurrence, but it is one that can be avoided with a little bit of preventive maintenance and a keen attention to detail.

But what are the reasons why your air conditioning may be blowing out disgustingly hot air instead of the desired cool air that you’re hoping for and expecting? Our San Antonio automotive AC repair team know best!


Reasons for car's AC blowing hot air

There might be many automotive AC system common problems and solutions and here are a few of the most common reasons why your car’s air conditioner stops working why this might be happening and what you can do about it:

Refrigerant Leakage

air conditioner leak

These leakages can occur at several different locations in the air conditioning system, but the most common spots are at hose connections.

These problem areas sometimes make themselves known due to oily substances that often accumulate around the connections. If you can find and identify the leak, use a sealant that’s especially designed for air conditioning units to temporarily close it.

Blocked Condenser

Clogged Auto Ac Condenser

This usually occurs when some type of debris, usually from the roadway, blocks the condenser and makes it unable to re-cool the hot refrigerant once it’s been compressed.

This means that the air conditioning system will continue to operate with overheated refrigerant and the unit will only be able to expel hot air.

The condenser is located at the front of most vehicles, so take a look underneath to see if anything is blocking it. If so, remove it and see if that resolves your air conditioning issue.

If there’s nothing blocking your condenser, then it could actually be broken. This can be caused by a puncture from road debris that causes damage that can’t be repaired. If you take a look at your condenser and you notice punctures or other damage, it’s probably going to have to be replaced by a qualified mechanic.

Electrical Issues


While not the most common problem with air conditioning systems, electrical issues are definitely the ones that are the most difficult to diagnose and fix.

These problems can often be discovered by doing an inspection of the wiring in your car’s air conditioning system.

If you find any damaged or frayed wires, or even if you don’t, it’s probably best to take your vehicle to a qualified and experienced mechanic for a full diagnosis of your system.

Cooling Fan Issues

Radiator Fan Issue

If the cooling fan isn’t working properly, the condenser won’t be able to receive proper cooling and your air conditioner is going to continue blowing out warm air.

Cracks in the fan can be caused by debris from the road, but you could also be looking at issues like blown fuses or even other electrical problems.

Unless you have experience in electrical work, it’s in your best interest in this case to take your car to a qualified mechanic or auto dealership so they can take a look and find out what’s wrong with your air conditioning system.

If you own a business with several trucks, get your fleet’ truck under a fleet maintenance program since air conditioners all require routine maintenance. Our Texas Elite Auto & Diesel professionals are always ready to help!