How Frequently Should You Have Diesel Engine Maintenance?

Diesel engines are much different than gasoline powered engines, there are diesel engine pros and cons and many differences between diesel and gas engines, but one thing that’s common among all types of vehicles and engines is the importance of keeping up to date with your required maintenance.

The more frequently you use your car or truck, the more maintenance is obviously going to be required.

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But even if you only get behind the wheel every now and then, there are things that can and will go wrong and many additional problems that can be prevented with a little regularly scheduled maintenance.

It’s good to stay on a steady routine of vehicle maintenance, so you can keep your diesel engine running at peak efficiency. Giving your engine a quick check on the first of every month, for example, can help you stay on top of things.

Then make a plan to stop in to your favorite mechanic every three or four months for more professional care and service.

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In the interim:

Monitor Your Coolant

You want to keep an eye on the coolant in your diesel engine because it can become acidic over time and problems in your vehicle’s cooling system will happen if that occurs.

Check your coolant every month or so and have your mechanic flush out the system on a schedule that you and he agree on ahead of time.

diesel engine coolant

Keep It Free From Dirt And Grime

diesel engine cleanse

It’s a good idea to pop the hood every now and then and clean away any dirt and grime that’s built up over time.

Your engine could have some performance issues if you don’t keep it clean, so grab a rag and do a little housekeeping once a month or so.

Change The Fuel Filter

This may or may not be something you feel comfortable doing yourself, but at least keep an eye on it and let your mechanic know if you suspect any issues with the fuel filter.

These should normally be replaced every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. And keep in mind that diesel engines usually have two fuel filters, both a primary and a secondary one.

For optimal cleaning and to better remember when they were replaced, it’s a good idea to have both fuel filters changed at the same time.

changing diesel fuel filter

Ditto With The Air Filters

air filter

As with the fuel filters, you also want to be sure to change the air filters of your diesel engine on a regular basis to allow for better performance on the road.

The environment where you live has a lot to do with how often the air filters will need to be changed. But this is a part that you definitely want to keep clean, so keep an eye on it yourself and make sure your mechanic is staying on top of things for you.

Regular Oil Changes

This is important for every motor vehicle, and ones with diesel engines are certainly no exception.

It’s recommended to change the oil in your diesel engine every 5,000 miles or so, or perhaps more frequently if you use your vehicle a lot.

Keeping your oil clean and changed regularly is essential, so don’t overlook this basic necessity of your car’s engine.

Mechanic changing oil